Being Human

The human being is capable of a range of emotions for various reasons.

Each is useful and should be honored and utilized with presence of mind and heart.

Even rage is a useful tool in the face of outright attack on ones person or family to protect life.

Even fear and caution should be honored for helping protect us.

Even grief and depression is useful to us.

It is helpful for us to all remember that we are endowed with our physical bodies
as gifts not hindrances,

and that the lessons we learn in life bring us closer
to what is truly spiritual in us

No Matter How we come to such awareness.

It is our individuality that we are given and our persistent drive towards Unity
that we must come to terms with.

How ever one does this is not for anyone else to judge,
Only to also learn from.

Shining a light onto someone in their times of need, that is the way of the Bodhisattva, the teacher, the enlightened one.

Each time that you can look into the eyes of your brother and see him exactly as he is and love him, (and to see yourself in this way as well)

that is the expression of JOY in its purest form, which is Unconditional Love.

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