Object Lesson

Sad days are upon us... difficult days. I look at myself and I know I am not physically strong enough to march and rage against the machine and get arrested protesting every fucking atrocity in our sick and crumbling nation... We are so foolish to presume that we have progressed as humans.

I love this world. It is so beautiful. I really love life and all the wonderful things that happen in our lives.

But the simple and true things of this world are hidden now by the nonsense of the societies we have created.

Do you want your life back? Do you want the earth back? Do you even realize that it is being taken from you?

I propose an object lesson. A social experiment.

Let us all do something every day for the rest of our lives that promotes the well being of the planet, of our neighbors and ourselves. Let us all reach out beyond the realm of our insular paranoid silly selfish greedy petty lives and make a safe place in this wretched world of despair and separation.

Make small talk with someone you would normally never speak to. Say hello to every person you see. Give something away to a really needy person. Learn to speak another language. Buy books for a school library in the poor part of your region. Buy blankets and coats and give them to a shelter. Walk down the street to that very old lady's or man's house and bring some fruit or flowers and give them your phone number. Offer someone a ride. Stop buying juice in plastic bottles. Tell someone who doesn't understand about pesticides and organics why its so important. Grow a garden. Don't use miracle grow. Buy organic seeds. Tell a joke to the guy waiting on a line with you. Tell someone they look good. Be friendly despite your own problems. Be candid about your own flaws. Tell someone off who is being a real prick to you or someone else with very polite yet searing words and take their photo with your phone. Smile. Bring more food with you and share it generously. Buy some random person dinner, or lunch or Water. And be their friend. Tell them about this whole thing, about taking the fate of our world away from the corporations and the politicians and the bankers and the greedy haters  and the fearful zealots.... by being friends with everyone and by banding together across every possible barrier until the whole population of the world is unified together to protect the earth and the kind people and animals in it.

Begin to Believe that You are the Salvation of the World because YOU ARE.