On child marriage, child slavery, climate disaster, and the end of the world as we know it.

Hundreds of years ago children were abused regularly. 20 years ago children were abused regularly. And today children are abused regularly. We used to like to think that had stopped and that everything is all rosy in the world... we, Americans... westerners. And we used to like to think that slavery was abolished so it doesn't exist anymore any where... But None of this is true. People aren't just starving to death in Bangladesh. They are starving to death in your neighbors house, locked in a closet. And they are being married off (read: sold), not just in Yemen where this poor 11 year old girl in today's facebook news is from, not just in India but all over the world, even here in America.

By ignorant poverty stricken fundamentalists... And not so ignorant, not so poor, not so religious people, too. Abused, neglected, sold, yes SOLD , and prostituted, and you name it... it is happening. Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Russia, Sudan, Chad, Mexico, Peru, China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, America.  This is just countries that I have read about recently without trying to research at all.

So what?

Well, in keeping with what I am trying to teach myself to do and be, with all of you watching and reading along... I have to say that this Matters a lot. It matters because it is the truth we all have to face in order to wake up to the reality that we are the ones who will change the world. The time is long past when anyone can believe that "someone else will do something about that." And just because you are not the one out on the street or chasing down the child abuser with your camera and your sword, you have to get behind the idea that you would, you will, you can, you want to and you are in spiritual allegiance with the one who does. At any given moment you will have read and seen just enough information and truth and raw reality to finally be moved (and oh holy holy, facebook and other social media are bringing that day closer and closer and closer...) you will finally be moved to accept your position, your true power, your right, your responsibility to be the salvation of the world.

What do I really mean by that? And what is my intention behind saying this over and over again?

Well, let's just say that we all just continue to think about ourselves in the same way forever that we always have. With insecurities or bad things people said about us or critical voices or guilt or apathy...
What will happen then? NOTHING MUCH.
But if we teach ourselves every day that we ARE the ones who will change the world... over and over and over in the mirror every morning, in the car, at work, on the bus, at the gas station, standing in line, watering the lawn, sweeping the floor: I am the one who will change the world.  I AM THE ONE WHO WILL CHANGE THE WORLD  say it. Say It. I dare you.

Maybe your compassion for children and poor and enslaved people wont tip the scale for you. Maybe the climate change imminent destruction of the earth is what will do it for you. Maybe one of my posts will finally break your apathy meter. Maybe you need 10 posts from me a day maybe you need just 2 more before you finally say to yourself... I AM THE ONE WHO IS THE SALVATION OF ALL HUMANITY, ALL SPECIES AND THE ENTIRE PLANET RIGHT NOW TODAY.

And I am just as powerless and feeble and useless as you. I am writing these things to wake myself up to the truth, that I am the salvation of the world, with you and everyone else.
I hope that you get it. I hope that you can understand what I am going for here. It's a mantra. It's a prayer. It's a chant. It's a resistance anthem. It is a mindset. It is a philosophy. It is a battle cry. It is a heart song. A vision quest. A wish, a dream... anything new and different has started as a crazy dream and yet we have this amazing little box of light with all the known knowledge of the universe here in our hands ...

Anything IS Possible.
So, Say It. I Dare you. I double dog Dare you.


I am saying it with you.

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