it was a very good morning

wow... it was a very good morning.

I woke up and followed my intuitions. Beautiful things happen when intuition is involved.

Think on this...
there is a flower in the center of your body, an invisible but very real flower.
In every person just as some describe as a light, there is a beautiful flower.
Just like a lotus seed is a perfect miniature entire lotus flower, so is the flower in each of us as like to the lotus seed.

Oh it is lovely. It is the invisible flower of intuition. It is absolutely there and I have touched it today.

I am holding it as a pure and powerful guide to growing the whole lotus plant root, stem, leaf, bud, flower, pod and seeds. I am holding it sacred and I am transformed this day. Miraculous Day.

In Love and Unity with All of You, My Friends
Flower-Peace to You and Yours.
Veronica Ruth

I must credit Yoko Ono with the invisible flower phrase from her beautiful, beautiful book of that name, which inspired me today, which is part of this alchemy ongoing....

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