Elaborating on Greed, oppression, apathy and pollution.

I am apparently writing an essay...
If you aren't sure what I am saying by ...reevaluating everything about my life down to the dental floss to make sure that I am not participating in tyranny... think on this...

In Jamaica there are bauxite mines. Bauxite is used to make aluminum and it is toxic. The extraction of alumina from bauxite produces a highly toxic residue, termed bauxite refinery residue (BRR) or red mud. The toxicity of this material is due to chemical and biological effects of high pH, alkalinity, electrical conductivity. It effects the ground water, dries up and blows all over the area, and displaces the farmers from their land. For Aluminum.

Aluminum foil, soda and beer cans, lightweight bicycles, keys, medical equipment, carabiners, and cooking pots.... and rockets. yes, Rockets.

Can I do without these things? I can try. Can I do something about the toxicity in Jamaica's environment, and India and Cameroon and all the places where this industry is going to move in, take over, make a mess and make the land poisoned and the people sick? Yes. I can tell you now, and I can tell someone else tomorrow, and I can say “So, don't use aluminum. Stop participating in using aluminum. The less we use, the less it will be needed or wanted, the less it will be mined.” And that is a start to stopping greed and tyranny. One small step. Because it is money that is gained by the people who own and operate the bauxite mines and refineries. It is money they are seeking. They only mine it to get money. NOT to make the world a better place. NOT AT ALL. There are other things to put beer and soda in, there are other ways to cook a baked potato. I don’t need aluminum to live my life well, and neither do you. I don’t need it enough to displace or sicken people in another land far from mine.

A short list of the most toxic things you use but don’t need in your life every day:
plastic water bottle, juice bottle, milk bottle
styrofoam coffee cup, plastic fork
aluminum foil
aluminum can
car to drive you 2 blocks or 10 blocks
1 hour of internet or 4 hours or …
nail polish
hair spray, shampoo, body wash
Fabric softener
paper towels
plastic wrap, Plastic Bags!!
lipstick, mascara
think of all the plastic plastic plastic plastic...
where does it go ? It doesn't go anywhere... it sits in piles all over the earth in countries we cant see from our back yard... it floats in the ocean and kills all forms of marine life....

Remember the thing about wasting paper?
Well, it turns out Trees are a renewable resource that we actually NEED to provide clean air and filter out carbons!!!! We NEED Trees so, Stop using plastic bottles for everything. MILK ,OJ and other juices come in paper cartons. Use wax paper and washable glass containers. Stop using plastic wrap Stop it. Plastic is poisonous to us and destroys the environment with horrible carbon released into the air during processing... It comes from oil and gas refining. It is bad bad bad. We NEED TO GROW TREES!!!  Farm them and replant them, use them and reuse them. Plastic is a big NON BIODEGRADABLE MESS. And it is just Making Somebody Rich. Nobody needs it. It is NOT NECESSARY for normal household use. Stop using it. Make the world a better place. Think about your impact on the whole world and generations to come every time you take a step. Every sip of water, every time you wrap a sandwich Think about the air clogged with poisonous toxins and the water poisoned and the tadpoles and the children of the future.... because you can not unknow what I have told you today, you can not conveniently forget... you can only choose to perpetuate the status quo.... Or NOT. 

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