street theater more accessible than obscure blogsites

Violence and greed is consuming us, and every living thing. No one is immune to the horror unfolding every day. We will all perish if we do not totally acknowledge and move to dismantle it.

How do We achieve a complete harmony between all living beings? ... if we still have despicable wealth and widespread untenable poverty, religious hatred, cultural hatred, national wars ...
How? It's Impossible.

Yet, even as I write the word impossible, I know somehow, that it is absolutely not impossible.

Total willing willful happy Harmony IS Absolutely Possible.

Obeyance to religious doctrine and passivity just won't do it though. Violence and domination are completely wrong. Philosophy... meh.

Instagram? Twitter? facebook? blogspot?! more like... but not.

I think I'm going to go out on a limb and say Performance Art.
Like the Crucifixion or the parting of the red sea... but you know, with no actual violence.

Demonstration.  Act-ivism,  Performance Activism.

In centuries past, puppet theaters traveled the countryside propagandizing the illiterate... it's a proven method.

Protesting in public is a form of performance art. Occupy Wall Street is performance art.

Performance protesting/activism is the way to go.