God's Green Earth

What in God's Green Earth
is that?

we sometimes hear
somebody say

in a moment of
about a hideous bug
or a slimy glob
in the bottom of a can...

What on God's Green Earth
is That?!

as we mistake a
tree or a shrub
or pile of rubbish

for a creature,
or monster,
or unknown person...

a fleeting moment
a trick of the eyes

What On God's Green Earth

with shock and fear
and surprise

sometimes at something
bizarre and ridiculous
or outright Stupid and senseless

like a pile of 6,000 sneakers
strewn at the side
of a railroad track

or a photograph of a ragged
dirty 3 year old girl
squatting in a sea of garbage
and filth, holding a broken
doll arm and an old, used straw.

or the skeletal remains of a
pelican revealing the stomach contents
are a plastic tampon applicator,
a water bottle top and a bic lighter.

or a black, oozing pit of filth
and putridity and death
that goes on as far as the eye can see
for miles and miles and miles

where once stood
a forest
a lake
a river
a home
a heart
a life.

I was Poisoned BY CHEESE. An environmental humanist ramble...

I haven't written anything in several days. I am sure there is something inside my head, but I can't hear it because my ears are ringing because I was poisoned by cheese. Laid out like a sick dog for 4 days. And it all starts with the blue cheese, which it turns out, is penicillin. I am allergic to penicillin. And now, well, I am allergic to cheese. Yes, the kind with blue crunchy bits of mold in it. When I went to whole foods with my friend to buy food for her birthday party, We tasted cheeses. I got a headache later, and then terrible gas. It subsided the next day, but I felt tired, crampy, cold, uncomfortable, irritable, foggy for two days.  I dreamed that I was sick! I woke up with a sore throat. My ears started ringing incessantly.

Then we had the party. I felt ok, but slightly foggy still. I prepared the food for the party and sliced the cheese for the event. I tasted a few pieces. Almost immediately the headache returned. A dull pain in my eyebrow close to the bridge of my nose. I got tired, groggy, and lost all my energy. I ate some cheese when the party started. Finally I just couldn't keep going and I went to bed because of the headache. I woke up with it the next day. I felt shaky and my ears itched inside! Finally, I understood what was happening!!  This had happened to me when I found out that I am allergic to penicillin and again to sulfa. So I drank about 10 glasses of water and ate plain white rice and boiled green vegetables and fruit for a few days and now I feel better. My ears are still ringing though; it lasts the longest of all the symptoms.

What does this have to do with life, humanity and environmentalism... I asked myself when I started to write, and even now I only have a thread of a thought because ....

           I was Poisoned BY CHEESE.

And then there was the case of the important phrase.

I was reading an article. I didn't keep track of the content because in the middle of it came the phrase
"As ye sow, so shall ye reap."
Of course it means something to me. I do not take the phrase lightly. It stopped me. I put the magazine down. I knew it would come again 2 more times. And then I would have to act upon it.
Again the phrase came as I was reading a facebook article, No Idea what... I tried for a moment to hold it in my poisoned foggy mind, but could not grasp it...
Then this morning I watched a very good movie. It spoke to me of all the things that I believe and what I feel is possible and meaningful with the deep convictions of love. All the way at the very end of the film came the phrase... As ye  sow, so shall ye reap.  (and yes, I held onto the context!!!)   "When it comes to our children!!".... that was the message that was coming to me, For You, my friends. For You.

Please see and hear a film called The First Grader, by National Geographic. It is a true story about a real man and a real place in Kenya. Kimani N'Gan'ga Maruge. It was  BEAUTIFUL.

The first thought is, if cheese can poison me for four days what else am I eating and breathing and thinking that is making me sick? One cheese had a warning label but the others did not. WOW, there is a LOT we don't know. Or someone knows, but how do I find out? By getting really sick?! Lets face it, the world is astronomically huge in comparison to us, wee people. There is a lot we don't know because we are down here and what ever it is - is over there and well, no one reported it, or I don't have interest, or access until .... well, we just cant Know Everything. And That is How all the poison in the world is happening, Behind our backs, praying for our ignorance to remain. The earth is a  sewer and we have remained ignorant, running our little rat mazes, running after the ...Cheese!!...   that is secretly poisoning us!

The poisoned cheese, air, water, soil, food, animals, trees, the hate, the greed, the lies ..... the poison. I want to clean myself inside. I start today. I haven't had any cheese, no milk, no fish, no fat, no cookies cake soda... Tomorrow I drop wheat, corn, and regular market chicken. No more toxic food, hoping to avoid lies and hate as well!! No more poison.

But what about the rest of the world?  What am I going to do about the poison in the rest of the world? My world? Your world? Our world? What CAN I DO? WHAT?!!!

What can I SOW that ALL of US can Reap and Be Glad, Be cleansed, Be FREED from poison and toxic pollution, polluters, liars, thieves,  toxic thoughts and beliefs and actions???

What Can I SOW that will BE IN SERVICE TO THE CHILDREN of the World?

The answer is sow simple. Seeds.

SEEDS of  Change. Seeds are IDEAS, the words from my mind to yours that share this thought....
SEEDS are the Gifts of LOVE we give with smiles and shining eyes to as many as possible every day in the hope that this will touch them.
SEEDS are the Wise and Loving WORDS we share with every one each day letting people know the truth we know in our hearts and the things we have seen.
SEEDS ARE Real tangible SEEDS.
SEEDS Are For Our Gardens to Grow right on our front lawns filling our once grassy unused spaces with LIFE and Nourishment!

Seeds Of All Kindnesses Will Grow, so Plant them Everywhere!!!!!

Toxic thoughts and people and food rob us of energy and blocked us from outer realities and a healthier consciousness.
My awareness was raised by my own body! It forced me to do what I couldn't with just my thoughts.
So, Take this Knowledge to heart, That Your Body Knows That Something Is Wrong...
Your heart knows when something is wrong... It is our mind that sometimes pushes out the truth, hides away, prevents us from doing what is right, seeks to rationalize a wrong that is being done.

Let the Seeds of Change take root in your Heart, your Body, your Mind.
Let the Seeds of Change take root in you and in those you love,
Give them the Seeds they need to Grow ...

For As ye Sow, So Shall you Reap...



Love To You All My Relations