What is your happiness based on?

The thing is, we are a culture that likes to have things, as Bill O'Reilly recently pointed out in his own ignorant way. We are Very privileged despite our growing numbers of those who lack... We're obsessed with youth, we love and cherish our Rights, we want our 1st and 2nd amendments untouched, we Believe in our right to the pursuit of happiness to our detriment (ie: ALCOHOLISM, DRUG ABUSE, porn addiction, plastic surgery, gambling addiction,etc... and we LOVE Toys. We are Hoarders to the most revolting health hazard extremes; collectors, gamers, hobbyists, and on and on. We love our things, our toys, and to us Everything is a toy in the pursuit of happiness. A Stamp, a coin, a CAR, a Twinkie, a Barbie, a newspaper, a big gulp cup, an old toothbrush, And A GUN. Many people have more than 1 Gun. As my last two items in the list suggest, even garbage, even useless things are treasures to the sickest among us who can't determine properly for themselves that their living room is not a garbage dump. And our world is a garbage dump with a depleted ozone layer because we all want our things to the point of extinction... doesn't the rat keep pushing the button until it dies? Yes, the rats kept pushing the button until they died. And we are not so far off. Toys and hobbies and pursuit of happiness? What IS Happiness? I ASK YOU. Is it possible in the wake of terror, in the wake of fear, murder, tragedy? What is your happiness based upon NOW? TODAY.

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