thoughts on compassion in light of recent events...

I have seen much written about mental illness in relation to the tragedy in Connecticut. I even posted a film commentary about prescription drugs being a useless panacea to really just make people disappear.... the blanket over the face of pain. I am one of the most Anti pharmaceutical people you will ever meet. I know Exactly what these drugs do to people. They take something away... slowly by slowly... and it is society's fault. We just don't care enough about people. I lived with the reality of drug addiction in my family and saw the same addiction translate to prescription nightmare. Nothing works for most patients. they just go from one script to the next. slowly slowly they fade away or remain in a static unwell place. I live with the sadness of not being able to connect and help my father, and other loved ones in my life because of drugs, and because of mental illness. This country is Full of people with major depression. Children, little little children with severe schizophrenia! Having the Will to EMBODY Enough Love to bring people out of their pain.... This is a mighty task, and incredibly difficult, I can say with deepest regret. No One is really teaching us in any faith or social group how to REALLY Embody LOVE in a way that truly connects us, and gives us Peace. We can all feel the fleetingness of that love... we can all sense that moment when our heart squeezes and our throats tighten and our eyes water...or those moments of exhilaration but how do we use it? We are shown how to hold our forks and pencils with our Hands; How to use our minds to think logically, put 2 and 2 together; How to pronounciate words and speak... but our hearts??? Our COMPASSION Training? It is religions job and they fail. It is a parents role, and they fail. It is society's role and it fails. Because Our media driven Hate culture has actually kicked and hit and punched and shrieked all of the compassion out of us... Think about Everything that you do for the next 72 hours and check out where you are coming from about that. It is incumbent upon us to become our own teachers, to reevaluate all our inner workings and to ask ourselves what kind of world do we truly want to live in? How do we create that one little circle at a time?

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