We need to show mercy

I have something to say that most people will think silly at first view... but bear with me. No matter who you are or what faith you are there is this certain thing that makes every one of us feel better and really feel loved. And it is portrayed to us in the movies about Jesus. He is the living embodiment of pure love and is so perfect and compassionate.. If you have ever seen one of these movies you know what I am talking about. Especially if you saw it as a child. Scenes in which Jesus steps out and does something really generous and loving and everyone is shocked and he has this look on his face like Hey I'm the son of God... and this is how I want everyone to act from now on... and the person that he just connected with and helped or vindicated or healed looks up at him with genuine admiration and gratitude... Because He Stopped and Helped them, because he was Kind. I remember as a kid actually tearing up and feeling great joy in those moments. Every person feels loved and helped when someone stops and takes time out to really help them. To look at them and See them. We are all the same person, no matter how different. In the end the maniac kills himself because he thinks that he cant be loved, the autistic child holds the mothers hand, the masked gunman asks to see his mother, the fundamentalist terrorist is discovered to be a porn addict... It all points to the need for love no matter how weird or unintelligible the scribbled line appears. We all want the purest being to look at our face and see a child, a helpless needy baby, and to coo, to bathe us in their smile and take away our sins, our pain our fear our need.... So the story of Jesus, no matter what you think or believe about him, the STORY of Jesus is there to help us Get something about how to use your heart because the world is merciless and We need to show mercy. That's why the story ends so badly. We have to look at atrocity to realize it is wrong. WE HAVE TO LOOK AT ATROCITY TO REALIZE IT IS WRONG. And still even after that he was forgiving. That's LOVE.

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