I once was a poet
then I was a child.
I grew in
towards something undefinable
then out, towards life
and into that as well...

all around the same time
I became reclusive and profoundly lonely
I walked in my father's shoes
with my heart permanently torn up
it was easy, I never tried a day in my life to be sad.
but the fact remains 
that I am.

I once was a poet,
first and only,
the things I hear and 
everything I that I feel
is recorded in ink on my heart,
a bold tattoo inside my skin.

today, I remembered myself,
something on the tv stirred it up,
I saw Bob Dylan talking, he said
"I'll let you be in my dream if 
I can be in yours."
and everything that I forgot
about myself came washing back
like a magazine
with my father's face on the cover.

I once was a poet
before I was born.

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