We are going to have to live with less

I remember
when I went to the edge of the road
and looked down to where it turned
and I could see the dust rise up...
I remember my great grandpa sitting in his garden
on his aluminum lawn chair
in his shorts and his undershirt on a 90 degree day
and the fan in the bedroom where I slept
with the window open
listening to the sound of the cicadas until
I thought my ears should just abandon me and fly away...
The world was real. It was tangibly, viscerally Real.

Now the airconditioned paper houses have no soul
shoddy garbage, poorly made
filled with crap from walmart
in this ugly, useless
greedy, futile America

Because we wanted to keep the air and water clean
Big Business moved their filthy factories
to places where they can still pollute and
pay low wages...
Ugly fat cat America smoking its cigar in the face of a pregnant Filipino,
flicking it's ashes back in the faces of the workers they abandoned...
Now we're left with a colossal Kardashian lack of self worth
whining about our Epic Uselessness...
buying everything in sight with every plastic card under the sun
talentless bachelor millionaire
big hair toddler princesses,
Hideous America
fat anorexic PTSD porn star America
obsessed with electronic appendages,
festering in apathy and greed.