Righteousness, religion, revolution: And Why the Enlightenment, the founding fathers and Science brought forth a new nation...

A long time ago, not really when you Think about it... A few centuries ago ...

A few centuries ago there was a time period that is now known as the enlightenment, when observers of natural events had cataloged, researched and created scientific thought and practice, when others had observed society at large, and people specifically, and compiled data to form new social structures that included fairness and equality as their Primary Tenets. It was a time of great need in a world of much greed and tyranny of kings and savage businessmen... It was a time when religion was corrupt and oppressive and seething with politic and hatred... A time when the world could be HAD.

Now is also such a time... and our closed minded idea of living in an advanced Age is exposed to brutal truth. We are being Had.

Slavery is rampant and practiced everywhere Still, it Never went away.
Religions are petty and puerile and mean and selfish.
Politics are festering piles of boiling diarrhea.
Governments are owned by corporations.
The world is a cesspool of polluted filth.

This is the true turning point of humanity.

We either have to change in a dramatic positive way immediately or perish.

The founding fathers brought forth a new nation for the betterment of mankind, not freedom of religion per se, that is merely a tenet, not a basis! The righteousness of fundamentalist christians here in the United States is not based on reality. The founders were against governance by the church and tyranny. Righteousness has no place in government. Freedom of religion is just a basic right, not a podium on which to oppress people!
I mean, How can any human person in the year 2014, or 5776... How can Any One believe that they are gods chosen person and that they have a right and an obligation to convert people to their fairy tale rule book or condemn them or, worse, to harm and kill them for not believing? ! Shocking does not adequately describe the preposterousness of this idea!!

Populations have been revolting against tyrants and oppressors for so long that One would hope - that in general - Everyone should be aware that Injustice and oppression exist, they are unfair and wicked, they cause all the suffering in the world and they need to be avoided, and put down and deposed at all times. It is The FOUNDING PRINCIPLE OF THIS NATION THAT WE ARE ALL EQUAL HERE AND THAT WE DEMAND OUR NATION TO BE JUST AND FAIR AND COMPASSIONATE. (We have yet to truly live up to it though.)

Fair and Equal is the Standard to which we Aspire. Over the years the people who actually read our foundational documents and study the laws and have integrity, have expanded the rights and freedom of many oppressed people.


It does NOT Follow that in This Nation of Free and Equal, Anti Tyranny, Anti Oppression, This Revolutionary, Enlightenment Era, Free Thinking, Nation of Tolerance and Humanitarianism... That we would EVER EVER EVER  EVER Allow fundamentalists to write laws, bribe representatives, steal elections, revoke rights, infiltrate our public opinions, defame and punish people, oppress our citizens, nor allow them to harm and kill those they don't agree with.  It's bad enough that we allowed industrialists and now corporations and war opportunists to run the world forever

But that is exactly what is happening, here and everywhere.  Christian Fundamentalism alone is swelling to an infectious tsunami sized wave of intolerance hate fear blame and Yes, killing that can Not be Allowed at All. NO. Never.

The righteous religious population has swallowed a lie, and they are puking it up on the rest of us. It makes me sick! their motto of helpless ignorant non understanding is this: Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die.... because god said so. It's ridiculous.

I do Not believe in fairies. And I am so happy to be free of such nonsense really. People have the horrible tendency to revert to childish thinking, or passive denial of responsibility to question authority. During the enlightenment when the alleged founding fathers (and their wives, sisters, mothers, girl friends and female acquaintances) THOUGHT About REALITY, they Most Certainly Did Question Authority!!

I ask you now to speak of this to others, to find a book with the letters of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams Thomas Jefferson or to read Montesquieu, Rousseau or the later genius Bertrand Russell... and THINK HARDER. NOW.

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